ifonlyytheyyknewthetruth asked:
    How would each sign act when making love with there partners ? Exotic, rough, gentle etc.. Love your blog by the way amazing !!


    Aries- Passionate and ardent

    Taurus- Sensual, slow, and sweet

    Gemini- Experimental and teasing

    Cancer- Affectionate and gentle

    Leo- Kinky

    Virgo- Lady in the street but a freak in the bed

    Libra- Romantic and eager to please

    Scorpio- Everything! Passion, rough, forbidden pleasure, the list can go on

    Sagittarius- Exotic and frisky

    Capricorn- Take charge and just loves all the physical touch

    Aquarius- Has a thing for fetches and is experimental

    Pisces- can adapt to any style just as long as there is true intimacy



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